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Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu

Regions of Vanuatu

Ambrym Aoba Efate Epi Malakula
Malampa Paama Penama Pentecote Sanma
Shefa Shepherd Tafea Torba

Cities of Ambrym

Aoutili Aoutili Aoutili Ase Ase
Ase Baalap Baalap Baalap Banhoul
Banhoul Banhoul Barereo Barereo Barereo
Bat Bat Bat Batin Batin
Batin Baulap Baulap Baulap Bogor
Bogor Bogor Boles Boles Boles
Bowe Bowe Bowe Bwehaltalam Bwehaltalam
Bwehaltalam Bweletaveureukon Bweletaveureukon Bweletaveureukon Emiotebin
Emiotebin Emiotebin Emiotouan Emiotouan Emiotouan
Endou Endou Endou Fali Fali
Fali Falibeur Falibeur Falibeur Falimapkon
Falimapkon Falimapkon Famban Famban Famban
Fanebal Fanebal Fanebal Fanla Fanla
Fanla Fanouatatao Fanouatatao Fanouatatao Fanrereo
Fanrereo Fanrereo Fantiekon Fantiekon Fantiekon
Fona Fona Fona Fonteng Fonteng
Fonteng Fontengro Fontengro Fontengro Fonwor
Fonwor Fonwor Hangar Hangar Hangar
Harimal Harimal Harimal Hawor Hawor
Hawor Ioul Ioul Ioul Konkon
Konkon Konkon Lalembou Lalembou Lalembou
Lalembu Lalembu Lalembu Lalinda Lalinda
Lalinda Lele Lele Lele Leve
Leve Leve Likon Likon Likon
Linboul Linboul Linboul Loliboulo Loliboulo
Loliboulo Lolibwe Lolibwe Lolibwe Lolimari
Lolimari Lolimari Loluerkon Loluerkon Loluerkon
Lonbarnie Lonbarnie Lonbarnie Loneowei Loneowei
Loneowei Lonepan Lonepan Lonepan Lonha
Lonha Lonha Lononwei Lononwei Lononwei
Lonre Lonre Lonre Lonsal Lonsal
Lonsal Lonwar Lonwar Lonwar Lonwel
Lonwel Lonwel Lonyemyem Lonyemyem Lonyemyem
Louli Louli Louli Magam Magam
Magam Malver Malver Malver Mapkinkin
Mapkinkin Mapkinkin Maronron Maronron Maronron
Mat Mat Mat Matie Matie
Matie Mavora Mavora Mavora Megam
Megam Megam Melbulbul Melbulbul Melbulbul
Melibwe Melibwe Melibwe Meltebin Meltebin
Meltebin Melten Melten Melten Melto
Melto Melto Melwar Melwar Melwar
Metamli Metamli Metamli Metanwar Metanwar
Metanwar Mogam Mogam Mogam Neha
Neha Neha Nehatlin Nehatlin Nehatlin
Nehatourou Nehatourou Nehatourou Neubul Neubul
Neubul Nountor Nountor Nountor Olal
Olal Olal Oloul Oloul Oloul
Olul Olul Olul Otas Otas
Otas Oule Oule Oule Ouro
Ouro Ouro Pamel Pamel Pamel
Panmouwouom Panmouwouom Panmouwouom Pesia Pesia
Pesia Pinapel Pinapel Pinapel Poal
Poal Poal Poliba Poliba Poliba
Port-vato Port-vato Port-vato Ranbili Ranbili
Ranbili Ranbwe Ranbwe Ranbwe Ranhor
Ranhor Ranhor Ranmouhou Ranmouhou Ranmouhou
Ranon Ranon Ranon Ranuetlam Ranuetlam
Ranuetlam Ranverekon Ranverekon Ranverekon Ranwilinto
Ranwilinto Ranwilinto Rovo Rovo Rovo
Sami Sami Sami Samoao Samoao
Samoao Samuao Samuao Samuao Sanasoup
Sanasoup Sanasoup Sesivi Sesivi Sesivi
Sessivi Sessivi Sessivi Taviac Taviac
Taviac Tawor Tawor Tawor Tellit
Tellit Tellit Tetavale Tetavale Tetavale
Toak Toak Toak Tobol Tobol
Tobol Toou Toou Toou Wakon
Wakon Wakon Wilit Wilit Wilit
Woo Woo Woo Wuro Wuro
Wuro Yelowouwou Yelowouwou Yelowouwou Yeno
Yeno Yeno

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